MikuDB is under construction
We are sorry to announce that the website as you know was closed down. We are currently working on a brand new MikuDB version.

We will be back! 

As you noticed, MikuDB was not having the best year. Starting from September 2016 until now,
we were experiencing multiple problems and were never able to fully recover. The first of
these was the platform we used to build the website. After multiple attempts to fix the website
our tech admin was forced to drop the project. It was simply beyond any repair or patching.
That was one of reasons why you could notice the website was slow, and why it suffered a lot of
blackouts. Because of the unstable server, our team was frequently thrown about trying to
control the damage. This heavily damaged the working morale. While the website was still
running, it was a pain to update it with new content. We were stalling for time until we were
ready to release a new MikuDB version, but time we bought was never enough. Rather than
watching the community be the victim, we decided to shut down the project entirely to prepare for a full reboot.

To everyone who kept believing in us, please hang in there just a bit longer, there are things currently in motion, thank you for your patience!

New MikuDB

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