The history of MikuDB
MikuDB has been around for many years, this is our history...

About is lost, next station:! (, has nothing to do with us, despite them using our old banners) After Zaku-dono left his work to a new admin (not affiliated in anyway with .moe), the page was running quite consistent. Later, the same admin created the domain and linked on it, He had a fight with the community and decided to just ditch everything and sell the domain.  That’s how sadly came to its end. After that, both involved sides went seperate ways. Later on, the community admins of MikuDB decided to create a new website. Sadly, the domain-holder of refused to let us use for the new website. Even though we lost the domain, the core of MikuDB still remained - our group on Facebook. was created to carry on with the group's passion and love for Vocaloid. With the blessing of original MikuDB founder Zaku-dono, we started the official reboot of the website.

Our mission

MikuDB has always been a place for Vocaloid music lovers to find their favourite albums they couldn't get elsewhere on the internet. Even though we are sharing commercial albums, we don't want to be ungrateful to the producers who worked hard and spent a lot of time working on their songs. We are trying to support them by providing links to either purchase an album and/or visit the producer's official website. - so be sure to buy an album if you really like it, okay? In the past MikuDB didn't feature these functions. We know there is always room for positive change, keeping both producer and site-visitor in mind - if it doesn't hinder the original purpose of the website, count us in! Right now we still are only at the very beginning of rebuilding the home for MikuDB. What you see right now is only a tiny bit of all the great things our team wants to provide to the community and especially the guys who just discovered the great world of Vocaloid in the future. 

A look at older versions of MikuDB:

 This is how looked like before it was taken over and shut down. Man, are you also getting tears into your eyes when seeing the old page? I sure do.  

  The MikuDB reboot took alot of development time. The very first version looked really plain and didn't feature any extensions. Before we could acquire the awesome .moe domain we used a subdomain from our friends over at Many people didn't trust us at the time, others were even hating on us and went ahead building their own versions of "MikuDB". We tried several ways to explain them what happened. but they denied every argument.

   The very first great update. We changed the layout and started using the domain. Users could create an acount, submit albums and more.  

The last update featured more neat design, reworking of alot of user UI. It was the very last update we ever did on the website, it was apparent to us that time, the CMS we use is reaching its limits. It was also during this time that we transfered the server hosting due to huge server traffic.