How Can I help?
MikuDB Is always in need of any help we can get...

Visit our Discord

Want to stay in touch with us? Feel free to say hello to us here! Get the latest updates directly from the staff of MikuDB, or chat about your day.

You can always @ us, @Kyrozen or @Yun respectively. 

Bear in mind that we might not be able to answer immediately.

Facebook page

If you are not a fan of Discord, but want a prompt answer, you can always find us on our Facebook page. On this page, we post daily VOCALOID fan art, but also news about the website and VOCALOID in general. Once something new happens, you will be informed via your notifications immediately.

Get involved

Once our website is back up, we will definitely do some recruiting! While official staff members have to dedicate a certain amount of their time to the project, regular visitors can always help a bit by adding new albums or writing articles whenever they are able to..


Our developers are working in every bit of their free time to finish the project. MikuDB does nothave the resources to pay just salaries to our staff members. It might appear as if we earn a lot of profit from the ads, but this is not true. Almost the entire sum of money was spent on server hosting until recently, when we shut down our servers. I would like to thank everyone who helped us with the server costs for such a long time.

Every single bit of donation money will be transferred directly to the developers to support them in finishing the project. 

As a token of our gratitude, we will invite you to join us in the closed beta phase. Once closed beta ends, every donator will also receive a special unique title.*

*note: the donation button will be available the moment we announce the closed beta. The estimated date for closed beta: early December 2017.