How will the new website be different?
A list of highlighted features

We have thought about the system for a long time. We had a year to think about everything and come up with the best solutions. While explaining some highlighted features wouldn't take much time, developing them and improving them took us over a year. We promised you a new website a year ago. It has been a very long time since then and we are sorry for that. But few of you are aware of how many times we had to scrap the whole project and start from zero, how many developers we witnessed failing to finish the project. We simply don't have resources to compensate the developers for the huge amount of time required for the project. Everyone in the MikuDB team is contributing to the website as a hobby and have work or education that takes priority. The current progress was done by a team that had little time to take over the development. It is our passion for VOCALOID and our responsibility to the community that kept us from giving up altogether.

Brand new framework, material design and UI!

The old website was powered by WordPress for over three years. The system grew robust over time and started to be a nuisance. “Why WordPress,” you might ask. It was out of necessity, because back in 2014 we had been given two weeks to rebuild the MikuDB website. Since then, the transition to a mature system never happened. The new MikuDB will be built using the Vue.js framework. That will ensure server stability and improved website loading times.

The old MikuDB may have packed with features, but they were not intuitive at all. With the new version, we promise to fix those problems and make the core features visible and easy to use. This will also be the focus of the material design and the website’s UI elements. Before, you could overlook many things, but not anymore!

As you may remember, we have promised you a mobile version for so long, and we haven't
forgotten that promise. Hopefully this time it will work ou t>.<!

Social aspect of the website and user profiles with achievement system

While user profiles could already do many things in the old version of MikuDB, it was very hard to access and wasn&#39;t used much. With the new version, however, user profiles will be a main focus. Like before, you should still be able to post your thoughts and share links or pictures. In addition to that, you will be able to make your favourite album list visible to everyone. By sharing the link of your MikuDB user profile to your friends, they will instantly be able to understand your taste in music. While you are active on the website, doing certain things will earn you achievement trophies. Some trophies can reward you with special titles, others with colored names. Those rewards are visible every time someone sees your name in any comment thread, discussion thread or just on your user profile. I have seen the trophies myself and I must say, they look gorgeous!

Pre-created albums and download links

Entries for albums will be created beforehand automatically, without download links. Users can then add download links. Any albums that are missed by this automated system can, of course, still be added manually. The aim is to make sure adding download links is easier than ever, without the need to be worried about information tagging!
The albums are going to be managed even more by the community. We also take into account that a lot of producers are using MikuDB to promote their albums. They will receive special accounts. Our aim is to allow the producers to talk with their community. The whole UI system will be completely reworked. It has never been easier to add a new album or a new download link. What also changes is the relation between download links and albums. Download links will be now a stand-alone entity, more about that system will be explained later.